Ucamfly A1 Plus Handheld 3 axis Stabilizer for Mirrirless camera Pilot Fly

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Product Description

The Ucamfly 3-axis  Handheld Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer brings the simplicity and flexibility of a handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizer to the world of mirrorless cameras. It features a 3-axis, motorized gimbal designed to keep your camera level and isolated from hand shake while allowing you to create smooth, organic moving camera shots. The Gimbal features two operational modes: a following mode that smoothes your camera movements and a lock mode that will hold your camera in its position as you move. It also features a thumb button/joystick which you use to select modes. You can also use the joystick to pan and tilt your camera on the gimbal.

The gimbal features a baseplate and sliding camera plate that allows you to adjust the balance of your camera on the sled, both left-to-right and forward-to-back. An included offset balance plate expands the range of cameras that you can use with the Beholder.

The terms pitch, roll, and yaw are often used to describe its axes of stabilization with this type of stabilizer. For those camera operators that are not familiar with these terms, if your camera was mounted on a tripod, the terms would translate as follows:

  • Yaw = Pan
  • Pitch = Tilt
  • Roll=Level (Horizon)


The gimbal supports two modes: Follow Mode and Lock Mode.
Follow Mode stabilizes the camera and allows it to follow your movements as you pan and tilt.
Lock Mode stabilizes the camera and holds in position even if you pan, tilt, or try to Dutch (off level the camera), until you reach the physical limit of the motor.
Thumb Button/Joystick 
The thumb button/joystick incorporated into the handle allows you to select the mode. It also allows you to pan or tilt your camera on the gimbal.
Sliding Balance Plate 
Once you have balanced the camera side-to-side, the sliding balance plate allows you to quickly rebalance your camera front-to-back when changing lenses without having to rebalance the camera side-to-side or remount it on the stabilizer.
You can mount a variety of cameras to the stabilizer. The Offset plate has 5 additional 1/4″-20 positions to balance many different weighted cameras and lenses.
The handle features a USB port that can be used to power or charge your camera or other USB powered device.
Battery Life / Charging 
The batteries fit inside a removable cradle in the handle, and must be removed for charging. Charging takes between 4 to 5 hours, and can run the stabilizer for 2 to 3 hours. You must use a 2 A charger to properly charge the batteries. A built-in LED indicates battery condition and charging status.
The MS1 supports the following cameras:

  • Sony A7S
  • Sony A7II
  • GH4, GH3, GH7
  • A6000
  • NX500
  • Canon G6
  • RX100 – with included adapter plate
  • NEX series
– 3-Axis Active Stablization
– Joystick Control
– Tool-less balancing and adjustment
– Customized High Quality brushless motor
– Made of Airplane grade aluminimum, Extreme Light Weight (778g)
– Max payload : 850g
– Quick release plate for easy attachment and detachment
– 1/4 screw hole for sliders, tripods, etc
– Micro USB port output
– Easy 2-step installation
– LED power and battery light indicator
– Protective case included
Package Includes
– Electric Gimbal with brushless Motor
– Battery rack
– Quick Release plate

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